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10 Decor Picks for the Holiday Season

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1. Coffee table books from Item Decor

Winter is the perfect time time stay home and read. Turn your coffee table or your reading nook into a zone of inspiration with Item Decor’s wide range of photography and art books.



2. Winter Toned Couched from Ludovik

Curl up to read your new photography books on one of these gorgeous minimalist couches from Ludovik deco. Despite their sharp, sculptural shape  they are surprisingly comfortable to sink into.


3. Kitchen accessories from La Cornue

Winterize your kitchen with an array of rustic accessories from La Cornue such as wooden serving trays, cutting boards, and cheese markers.

4. Comfy throws from Zone Maison

Drape one of these stylish throws over your sofa or armchair to instantly make it look (and feel) more welcoming.


5. A Round Strappy Mirror from Celadon Collection

Capture more light on dark winter days by adding mirrors near your windows. We particularly love the leather-strap mirrors sold at Celadon, as they add a unique vintage touch to a classic design.


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6. This drop-dead gorgeous bedroom set from Maison Corbeil

The luscious dark wood and the zen-like geometry of this collection makes pure bedroom perfection. Be warned though; you might find it even harder to get out of bed on snowy Monday mornings!


7. Multi-functional terrariums and decorative domes from VdeV Maison

Get creative and construct a winter wonderland in one of these adorable glass terrariums. V de V also sells glass domes, which are perfect for filling with fresh-smelling pinecones or seasonal baked goodies. There’s no better way to infuse your home with the scent of Christmas.


8. Light up your rooms and your hearts…with this amazing lamp.

Want. Need. Gimme. Please.


9. These ingenious candle holders by Jamais Assez

Because winter is all about soft lighting and candles. And this is a great way of making sure your candlelit evenings are safe as well as pretty.

10. This cute 3 foot Christmas tree from Plantzy

Finally… a Christmas tree that doesn’t take up too much living space and that’s tiny enough to keep on your balcony all year round.  We’re in love!


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