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10 Montreal Neighborhoods that Have it All:

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We’ve rounded up a selection of 10 Montreal neighbourhoods that “have it all” – affordable homes, proximity to daily destinations such as schools, the business district and public services, plenty of available listings and a low selling time. Whether buying a primary residence or an investment property, these 10 boroughs are good places to start your property search.


10 Montreal Neighborhoods that Have it All:

We ranked these neighbourhoods according to the following criteria:

  • Affordability: Median prices for detached single family homes were sourced from Centris Statistics for 2017. The average price for a single family home in Montreal is $447,250.
  • Availability: The number of active listings was sourced from Centris Statistics for 2017.
  • Average Selling Times: Average selling time was sourced from Centris transactions for 2017. Low selling times indicate desirability of the neighborhood, which is a promising factor for resale value.
  • Transit: Neighborhoods with a Transit Score® of at least 50 indicates proximity to many nearby public transportation options.


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