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2019 New Year Resolutions For Home Sellers

Is selling your home on your to-do list this year?

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Is selling your home on your to-do list this year? Preparing a property for sale can be a lengthy process, but setting goals can help you tackle each step in a timely matter. Here are five New Year’s resolutions that will help get you on track to receiving an accepted offer:

Resolution #1: Renovate only where it matters

If you’re planning on selling an older home, you may well be considering some minor improvements to make your property more appealing to prospective buyers. It can be difficult to determine which renovations are actually worth the while in terms of increasing your home’s value. In general, sellers should focus on repainting walls, sprucing up the kitchen and bathroom, and touching up floors. Here’s a list of repairs you should not invest in when selling a home.

Resolution #2: Declutter and depersonalize

When cleaning and decluttering, keep in mind that the most important rooms in the house are the kitchen and the bathroom. For those still living in the home that listed for sale, these are the two rooms that should be absolutely spotless, flawless and sparkling before every visit. Buyers need to be able to envision themselves living in your home, so anything indicative of the current inhabitants should be kept out of sight.

Resolution #3: Get your documents in order

Don’t wait until the last minute before locating the paperwork required to sell your home. 

  • Seller’s Declaration 
  • Condo Association Rules and minutes
  • Former Act of Sale
  • Declaration of Hypotec
  • Municipal Tax declaration
  • School Tax declaration
  • Blueprint
  • Certificate of Location

Resolution #4: Set your listing price and your final selling price

Research comps to determine your home’s market value. This figure will be based on:

  •  Comparable homes in your area with similar square footage, construction, age and condition that sold within the past year.
  • Listings for homes for sale in your area.
  • Average cost per square foot in your area.
  • Special and unique attributes of your home, such as private balconies, architectural details, inclusions.
  • Current market trends and time of year.
  • Consider easy and cheap ways of boosting your home’s value. 
Resolution #5: Partner with a trusted broker

A real estate agent will help you prepare a marketing strategy for your home, communicate with buying agents, and negotiate on price.

From their years of experience, brokers will also have accumulated a vast network of buyers and investor.Having access to this network of buyers and industry professionals is an essential part of getting a good price for your home, and making sure it sells as soon as possible.

Speak to a real estate broker about selling your home in Montreal

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