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TrendWatch: 5 Benefits of Townhouses

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A townhouse is a split-storied co-ownership that is connected to adjacent homes by a common wall. Townhouse owners become members of a homeowner’s association; a managing entity that collects a monthly fee and oversees maintenance, repair and upkeep of common areas. In short, townhouses offer the space and privacy of single family home while also providing the convenience of a condominium. Several new townhouse projects are currently being developed in the Plateau, Rosemont, and South West of Montreal, due to their growing popularity amongst young families. Here are some reasons why:.

1. Spacious layouts 

Townhouse apartments are spread out over two, three, or even four levels. This makes them appealing for many decorating styles. The multi-storied layout also makes it easier to separate different aspects of your life: for example, keeping your home office apart from your other living areas, or using a separate play space for children which can grow messy without cluttering the rest of your home.

2. Outdoor space

While most apartments don’t offer a private backyard or private rooftop terrace, townhouses generally do. The private outdoor space makes townhouses ideal for homeowners with children or pets. It also allows for more personalization in terms of landscaping, gardening, and outdoor decorating. While condo owners only have possession of the space within their four walls, townhouse owners take ownership of the land as well. This difference in ownership means a townhouse owner will be subject to fewer restrictions imposed by the homeowner’s association over outdoor areas. For example, a townhouse owner may be able to grill outside, while a condo owner may be forbidden to do so.


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3. More storage space

Townhouses tend to have basements, providing more space for tools, bicycles or sports gear. Owners of townhouses can also get creative and convert their basements into recording studios, art studios, family dens, workshops, or workout spaces.

4. Privacy

Townhouse apartments offer more privacy than in regular apartments, but less privacy than a single family home would. They are designed to include quiet and individually-owned spaces, while simultaneously having neighbours in close proximity as well as a sense of community with other residents in the co-ownership.

5. Convenience

Many homeowners who prefer to live near urban centres choose townhouses as a balance of space and convenience. Townhouse owners may enjoy the same benefits of a single-family home, while the sharing the burden of maintenance amongst HOA members and avoiding a long commute to work.

Other considerations: Cost

Townhouses generally cost more than condos, and less than single family homes. The price of a townhouse in Montreal will depend on its location, size, and design. Expect to pay between $400,000 and $600,000 for a bedroom townhouse in the Plateau, $300,000-$500,000 in Rosemont, and $300,000-$400,000 in the South West and Verdun (according to Centris Statistics).

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