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5 Steps for Preparing Your Home for Winter

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The winter months can have harsh effects on your home, especially in Quebec where temperatures dip far below freezing.

Whether you’re thinking of selling your home or you just want to protect your property from the frost and snow, here are 5 simple steps you can take to keep your home intact.

1. Maintain your pipes

Without the necessary precautions, your home’s pipes are likely to be damaged in the harsh winter. Pipes can easily freeze and break due to the pressure.You can protect them by covering exposed pipes with insulation sleeves, and making sure that your heating is left above zero at all times.

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2. Check for air leaks

Uninsulated windows or walls will greatly increase your monthly heating bills. Start by checking all your window and door frames for cracks where cold air could come through.  If you find a leak, use caulk to seal out the cold air, or consider hiring a contractor to insulate your windows further.

3. Clear the gutters

Falling leaves are a hallmark of the autumn months, but they can clog your home’s gutter if left unchecked. When it rains or snows, the trapped water will cause damage to your walls, sidings, and basement.

Cleaning your gutters throughout fall, with the help of a ladder or a professional, will spare you a headache later on.

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4. Clear your yard and porch

It’s important to prepare your outdoor spaces for cooler weather. Bring in your more fragile plants, and remove any annuals you have planted. Cover and protect your patio furniture, and store away your gardening tools for the season.

5. Protect your foundation

Snow that collects around your home’s foundation can cause expensive water damage when it thaws. To prevent this from happening, shovel all snow away from the edges of your home, keeping a snow-free moat around your foundation. Next, close any valves that supply water to outdoor faucets.

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