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5 Ways Brokers Save Sellers Money

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An expert broker will make selling your home look like a breeze, but that doesn’t mean it’s as easy as it seems. Here are 5 ways that brokers will help you save money on your sale.

Selling your home is really about marketing your home. 

And unless you know where to find those buyers yourself, where do you even start? A broker will put hours of work as well as a budget from his or her own pocket into marketing each home, from making sure the aesthetic presentation is picture-perfect, to creating a customized marketing campaign and figuring out how to reach the right set of buyers for each unique property. Consider the extra costs you will be spending if you take on these tasks yourself- from hiring a professional photographer, to printing and delivering brochures or paying for online ads.

They will help you stage

An experienced broker has seen hundreds of listings, and knows right off the bat what works and what doesn’t. Part of their job is objectively assessing your space, and telling you what to do to best present your home. An even savvier agent might even help you redistribute your existing furniture for maximum aesthetic appeal.

Why will this save you money? Because staging can make a world of difference when it comes to creating a powerful first impression. If potential buyers are wow-ed by the photos, and wow-ed the second they walk through the door, your listing won’t stay on the market for very long, and you won’t be forced to drop your asking price to get it sold.

You’ll benefit from their network of buyers.

From their years of working in the field, brokers will have accumulated a vast network of buyers and investors that they can market your home to. They work with qualified, trusted clients, who are actively shopping for real estate in your city. Having access to this network of buyers is an essential part of getting a good price for your home, and making sure it sells as soon as possible.

But a broker’s network extends further than buyers. A broker will also be able to hook you up with the best notaries, movers, mortgage brokers, handymen, and other professionals that will make your sales process easier. Sticking within the same network will help you get friendly rates on these other costs associated with your sale.

They’ll get you a higher asking price

Brokers know how to negotiate- it’s part of their trade. So while an inexperienced seller might panic and cave to low-ball offers, having the guidance of a broker by their sides will help them make clear-headed decisions about how much their home is worth and how to convince buyers of this worth.

They save you time — and time is money

FSBO sellers often regret their choices when they realize how much of their time will be tied up trying to sell their home. Your Sunday evenings will now be spent in open houses, not to mention the many hours you’ll spend showing the home to buyers and to brokers. Now add to that the scores of emails with questions about the home- which you’ll have to address and answer individually, and the time you’ll spend on the phone following up with buyers. And that’s just the beginning… wait until you’ll have to sit down and start filling out the contracts and legal documents! Kind of wish you had a broker who could do this for you?




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