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7 Easy Home Decor Ideas for Thanksgiving

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Looking to infuse your home with some Thanksgiving charm, without spending much time or budget on the decorations? Here are 7 ideas for thanksgiving you can do yourself in less than an hour.

1. Make a pinecone garland.

Pinecones strung onto yarn or thread make beautiful fall-themed garlands that you can use to decorate your home. There are so many directions you can take this idea: painting the pinecones, tying them in a circle to make a wreath, draping them across your fireplace mantle, or hanging them individually on a wall.

7 easy home decor ideas for thanksgiving

2. Bring the magic of Autumn  indoors with a maple leaf mobile

This DIY project might take a bit more patience, though it doesn’t have to be as complex or as abundant as the one pictured.

7 easy home decor ideas for thanksgiving

3. Dry out a gourd to make a unique dinner table accessory

Also applicable to a pumpkin.

7 easy home decor ideas for thanksgivingImage Source: Chatelaine Magazine 

4. Fashion some elegant paper decorations out of pine/sage

These make for unique placeholders at Thanksgiving dinner tables, or for unique mantelpiece art if the names are replaced with decorative typography.

7 easy home decor ideas for thanksgiving

5. Sticks and Sprigs

For a gorgeous effect with close to zero effort, place some garden sprigs and small branches in vases and recreate the autumn version of a summer bouquet.

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7 easy home decor ideas for thanksgiving

6. Embrace the rustic aesthetic with harvest vegetables.

Face it- you can’t complete the Thanksgiving dinner table look without a bunch of tiny decorative pumpkins. Paint them white or gold for a unique minimalist touch.

7 easy home decor ideas for thanksgiving

7. Get your home smelling AND looking good with fall-themed potpourri.

Fill a mason jar or a large bowl with cinnamon sticks, dried orange, dried lemon, vanilla sticks, cranberries, cloves and whole nutmeg. It looks pretty and you’ll have a subtle smell of the holidays lingering in whichever room you place it in.

7 easy home decor ideas for thanksgiving

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All the images in this post, unless stated otherwise, were sourced from Pinterest and are fully cited on our home design board, The Great Indoors

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