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Which are the Best Neighborhoods in Montreal?

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Which are the top neighbourhoods to buy a home in Montreal? Which are the best areas for young families? For professionals?

Each Montreal neighbourhood is unique, and where you decide to live will depend on your personal needs and preferences. In this section we’ll try to outline the benefits of Montreal’s most popular residential districts, choosing the top option for different buyer demographics.

Best pick for first-time buyers and investors: Pointe St Charles

Pointe St Charles is a stone’s throw away from the business district, across the Lachine Canal from Griffintown, and yet it offers homes priced much lower than its surrounding neighbourhoods. A rapidly developing residential area, you can expect any investment made in this area to be profitable in the coming years. The Point is a great option for couples and families with young children, as well as first time buyers. It’s also our top pick for investors seeking an easy-to-manage rental property, such as a small bungalow or a condo unit. Along with its easily accessible location, its many spacious parks, community centres and tree-lined street make Pointe St Charles an excellent place to live.


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Best pick for young couples: St Henri

St Henri is our top choice for young buyers and couples, because of it’s proximity to Downtown, and it’s hip, nonchalant vibes. Rapid revitalization in recent years has caused an upsurge in home prices, but St Henri is still affordable for young couples willing and able to compromise on square footage. The many bars, concert halls, art galleries, markets, and recreational options along Notre Dame Street and the Lachine Canal make this neighbourhood a top choice for anyone with an active, dynamic lifestyle.


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Best pick for families: Notre Dame de Grace (NDG)

Notre Dame de Grace, on the West end of the GMA, is part of the Cote-des-Neiges-Notre-Dame-de-Grace municipality. It’s a family oriented residential neighbourhood with a mix of Francophone and Anglophone residents. A 20 minute commute to downtown, it offers more spacious homes and multi-generational options such as duplexes and townhouses. Couples with children can benefit from the many parks, schools, universities, pools and community centres that NDG has to offer.

Loyola Campus in NDG, Courtesy of Concordia University

Best pick for empty-nesters: Old Montreal 

Montreal’s historical district, Old Montreal, has preserved a nostalgic European charm which attracts tourists year around. Its high price points and the types of properties it offers- sophisticated lofts in historical buildings, makes it a suitable option for an older demographic without children. Empty-nesters favour the Old Port as it’s located within walking distance to the canal, restaurants, bars and boutiques, as well as the cultural events hosted in Place des Arts. Old Montreal is also a popular choice for professionals working in nearby corporate offices.


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Best pick for students and foreign workers: Plateau

The Plateau offers beautiful homes in the classic Montreal style- with sweeping staircases, coloured windows and tree lined streets. Its charming architecture and vast selection of recreational options make it a popular neighbourhood amongst students, expats and foreign employees.


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