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Discovering Le Richmond

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Discovering Le Richmond

Griffintown is home to oh-so-many hidden gems and treasures. This weekend we set out to try some local specialities, and we found ourselves discovering Le Richmond, a new neighbourhood favourite in the South West. 

Nestled in a quiet corner between Notre Dame and William street in Griffintown, Le Richmond is Luc Laroche and Paul Soucie’s latest brainchild that wines, dines and seduces epicures from far and wide. With its authentic North Italian cuisine, its remarkable decor and its careful attention to customer experience, it has in short time grown to be one of Griffintown’s most loved and talked-about eating spots.We met with Ibti Saadi, Le Richmond’s bubbly and enthusiastic PR rep, who shared with us some of the secrets of the restaurant’s success as a recent landmark in the area. 

What distinguishes Le Richmond from surrounding restaurants?

Unlike many of the surrounding establishments that cater to a relatively niched market, the Richmond hosts an extremely diverse, dynamic range of clientele- from young professionals to famillies long established in the neighborhood, to foodies and out of towners. You really couldn’t cut a clear stereotype of the type of person you might meet at the Richmond, yet the warmth of the establishment cohesively brings together a variety of personalities in a friendly and fun way.

The cuisine is also a distinguishing factor- in true North Italian style it focuses on simplicity and purity of taste: most dishes are limited to five ingredients and are seasoned minimally, if at all. The emphasis is rather on the seasonal freshness and high quality of the produce, all deriving from local farms or small importations from Italy. In fact, nestled behind the kitchen is a small vegetable garden, where the cherry tomato or basil leaf on your plate will have been grown.     

But what really sets the Richmond apart is the dedicated effort when it comes to providing the client with a comfortable and perfectly orchestrated dining experience. Small details such as the valet service, concierge, coat check and client experience management ensure that the customer’s evening is flawless and smooth-sailing from beginning to end. 

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