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Give a Dog a Home

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With July 1st approaching we wanted to take the time to talk about an issue that we hold very close to our hearts. Moving season unfortunately sees thousands of dogs and cats left behind and abandoned in the city of Montreal. In fact, Quebec is listed as the top province in North America for animal abandonment with an average of 700-1500 pets being brought to the shelters every month. Consequentially, non-profit facilities struggle to keep up with high costs, overcrowding, and lack of space for all the displaced animals that are brought to their doorsteps.

In our industry we meet a lot of young couples that are buying their first home, and looking to start a family and a life together. With this milestone often comes the decision to bring a pet into the new home. We strongly urge and encourage you to consider adoption, to give a neglected animal a second chance at being part of a loving household. Contrary to the stereotype of the aggressive shelter-animal, there are hundreds of sweet, gentle and family-friendly dogs and cats waiting to be re-homed. Furthermore, by adopting rather than buying, you reduce the demand that drives the very shady industry of commercial breeding (puppy mills).

For those who would like to consider fostering/adopting a pet, or who would like to donate to a local rescue, here is a list of facilities that practice ethical care for abandoned animals.

Animal Rescue Network is Montreal’s largest no-kill shelter dedicated to the welfare of abused and abandoned animals. It is run entirely by volunteers.

Gerdy’s Rescues & Adoptions is a small, non-profit, Montreal-based animal rescue group devoted to turning sad tales into happy tails.

Rosie Animal Adoption is dedicated to the coordination of orphaned animals and adoptive homes into a support network to ensure the survival of unwanted pets. It also provides ongoing information and support to interested parties and pet lovers to ensure the humane and effective recovery of any pet in need.

Compassionate Animal Adoption is a small foster based rescue dedicated to helping every dog they can, no matter age, size, sex, breed, background or how they look. They believe that no dog should be left behind to die because s/he is deemed as less adoptable.

Animatch  is a well-organized intimate center with a limit of 15 adoptees at all times. All their dogs are socialized with humans (adults & children), other dogs and to the resident cat! The Animatch center exudes love, compassion and understanding. They evaluate the personalities and special needs of their adoptees to match them with an ideal human.

Kiko Dog Rescue and Adoptions is dedicated to helping dogs that have found themselves homeless, whether they are from a pound, puppy mill or a home surrender, by placing them in the loving forever homes they so deserve.

Bellanima is a foster based rescue that works with committed foster homes for an indefinite amount of time. These fosters work tirelessly in giving the Bell’Anima exercise, discipline, affection and socialization skills required to create a well balanced companion. This allows the animal to have their true character shine through rehabilitation, patience and love.

Sophie’s Dog Adoptions is run solely by the founder, Sophie, her son Rick and Annie who takes care of visibility. Sophie has been rescuing since 1996, one dog at a time and have placed over 2,000 so far. She believes in making the right matches for each dog and each family in order to give her dogs a real second chance.

SPCA  is the largest non-profit animal protection organization in Montreal. The mission of the Canadian SPCA to protect animals against negligence, abuse, and exploitation, represent their interests and ensure their well-being and raise public awareness and help develop compassion for all living beings.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and we sincerely hope that you will keep this cause in mind while making your pet-related decisions. You’ve found your home, now let’s help these animals find theirs. 






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