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Home Staging Tips for Fall

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If you’re planning to sell your home this year and haven’t attracted an offer all summer,  autumn is the time to kick into second gear and do all you can to warm buyers’ hearts. Here are a few quick and easy pointers for giving your home that warm, cozy feel without going overboard or over-spending.

Lighten and Brighten

The days are getting shorter and darker, so adequate interior lighting is essential if you want to make a good impression during the walk through. Place plenty of lamps throughout your home and make sure they are lit when buyers walk through your doors. Use warm-toned lights to strategically add highlights and accents to your decor.

Home Staging Tips for Fall
Home Staging Tips for Fall

Concentrate on Comfort

The long winter months are for staying in, keeping warm and curling up with a book or Netflix. Show potential buyers how they would make the most of the winter evenings by creating a cozy atmosphere and ambiance. Add decorative pillows to your sofa and armchairs, and create a cozy reading nook  if you have the space for it. Relaxing elements such as candles and blankets will also add to the warmth of your home.

Home Staging Tips for Fall
Home Staging Tips for Fall


Bring in the Seasonal Scents

Bring the aroma of autumn into your home with candles, scented sticks, air fresheners…or even freshly-baked goodies. Cinnamon, apple, and Vanilla are typical fall scents, but remember to keep it subtle because they can be overpowering when overdone. Smell is connected to emotions, so infusions of pleasant aromas will hopefully put potential buyers in a good mood and increase your chances of them falling in love with your home.

Home Staging Tips for Fall
Byredo- Nostalgia flavoured candles. Home Staging Tips for Fall


Highlight your fireplace


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