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How to Design an Inspiring Home Office

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Whether you’re an entrepreneur working from home or simply in need of an inspiring space to work on your personal hobbies,  here are 7  examples of home offices that are designed to boost productivity and creativity.

1. Location is key

The first step to creating a dream office space is picking the perfect spot in your home. Choose a location with ample natural lighting, preferably near a window or skylight.

This office by Amber Interior Design demonstrates how even the simplest of decor can look fresh and inspiring, so long as the surroundings are bright, tidy and well lit.

Image Source: Amber Interior Design


2. Bring in the Plants

Plants can do wonders for brightening up a workspace and giving you something relaxing to look at while you’re thinking. But their benefits go beyond the aesthetic. In a study conducted in 2010, it was found that even one plant per work space can provide a very large boost to spirits, wellbeing and performance. In fact, the participants of that particular study reported that the presence of plants reduced tension by 37%, depression by 58%, and fatigue by 38%. So if your office doesn’t have any green in it, head out to your local nursery and buy yourself a houseplant ASAP!

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Image Source: Lush Home

3. Add Some Color

While we’re of the opinion that neutral colours are the best for inducing productivity in a workspace, this office by Lush Home shows that a pop of bright colour can be visually inspiring and help infuse you with a jolt of energy. Bright oranges, reds and yellows are particularly motivating when contrasted against a light toned palette.

Image Source: Lush Home


4. Use fun and accessible storage solutions

Having a well classified storage system will help keep your workspace tidy and organized. The more tools and paper documents you need around you at work, the harder you should think about how to structure your storage system. In this home office via House Edit, a colour coded filing system is designed within arm’s reach, so that finding what you need or putting a document away doesn’t interrupt your work flow. It’s a great example of how a lot of material can be packed into a small space without giving up on a minimalist aesthetic.

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Image Source: Home Edit

5. Sprinkle in a Dose of Visual Inspiration

Incorporating something visually beautiful and inspiring into your work area is a good way to nurture creativity while you work. And, it’ll make you actually want to spend time in your office, even on days when the motivation is hard to come by. Have a think about what inspires you- be it art, textures, photographs or quotes…and then find a way of letting those things exist in your office environment.

Image Source: Old Brand New

6. Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

You’ll never be able to concentrate if your workspace is sending you a million visual signals at once. Visual signals that are particularly distracting are ones that scream: “clean me up!” and ones that remind you of impending tasks and activities outside of work. If possible, try to keep your work area as cordoned off from your personal life as possible. Keep your space clear and focused on whatever it is you plan to do in it. Remember that in a workspace, less is always more. After all, there’s nothing more motivating than a blank canvas.

Image Source: Finetingsgogsjokalde

7. Don’t Forget About Ergonomics

The comfort of your desk and chair is crucial to your wellbeing and productivity, especially if you work from home full time. Make sure the layout and design of your office facilitates healthy posture, and prevents you from straining your shoulders, back or eyes as you work.

Image Source: Hubsch Interior

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