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Living In St Henri

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St Henri is one of our favourite neighbourhoods, so we’ve decided to share a list of top things to do in the St Henri/ Atwater Market area during the summer. For anyone newly relocated to this neighbourhood, or thinking of renting or buying here, we hope this will provide some insight into the lifestyle St Henri offers.

  1. The Atwater Market.
    A fun activity for a sunny summer afternoon is a stroll through the Atwater market, where you can find tons of fresh, local food products such as jams, cheeses, spiced meats and seasonal fruits. It’s also a great place to pick up plants to spruce up your living room or garden. While you’re there, stop by for lunch at the Satay Brothers kiosk… they have the best Singaporean pork buns in town.


  2. The Lachine Canal
    Lounging at the Lachine Canal with a picnic basket (or a takeout box from Satay Brothers) is a great way to soak in the St Henri vibes. The canal is also a popular spot for sports enthusiasts; you can join in on jogging, yoga, biking and kayaking clubs.DSC_0590new 
  3. The Arsenal Gallery
    For art lovers, the Arsenal gallery is a cool exhibition space in a reconverted industrial warehouse. Entry is usually free, except for certain temporary exhibitions. You can follow their curatorial program and schedule here.

    arsenal_galleries_motreal_caImage Source: Galleries Montreal


  4. Sir George Etienne Cartier Park:
    To read a book or relax in the sun, head over to this picturesque park. The picture says it all- it’s a peaceful and lush little oasis in the middle of the city.

    georgepark_youtubeImage source: Youtube.
  5. The Vintage Strip
    Unearth some old curiosities in the St Henri Antique shop strip- on Notre Dame from Charlevoix street all the way down past Atwater. A popular vintage store is Rowntree, which specialized in traditional Quebecois pastoral furniture.

    Image Source: Yellow Pages
  6. Cafés
    Notre Dame street is lined with a wide selection of artisanal cafés. Check out Lili and Oli’s for a relaxing place to meet friends or catch up on work while enjoying a freshly brewed coffee.

    Image Source: Mtl Food Snob

7. The Terraces
With the sun out, a perfect afternoon activity is enjoying a pitcher of sangria/beer/bloody caesar on a St Henri terrace in good company. We’d recommend Drinkerie, B-Lion, or the Terrace St Ambroise and McAuslin Brewery further West on the Lachine canal.

Image Source: Griffon McAuslin

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