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Map of Contaminated Land in Montreal: Quarries, Landfills and Former Dumps

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Contaminated land is one of the reasons a lending institution might refuse a mortgage application. Buying real estate on contaminated land could also impact your resale value, or make it harder for you to find tenants for a rental property.

CBC Montreal reported in 2015 that close to 80 sites across Montreal contained contaminated soil. These include former landfills, garbage dumps and quarries which now have been covered by homes, schools or public parks. Contaminated material poses considerable health risks to residents, many of whom purchased the real estate without a land and soil inspection.

Luckily, Montreal recently received a bursary of $75M from the province to clean up contaminated sites in the city. According to the Environment Ministry, 20% of all contaminated sites registered in Quebec are located on the Island of Montreal.

According to the City of Montreal’s latest investigation, 62 locations have been identified of which 24 are certified former landfills and 38 are possible landfills and dumps.More than half of those sites are now zoned as residential. The rest are located on public land.

Take a look at this map of contaminated land in Montreal to verify that you do not live on former landfill. Until the City of Montreal completes its scheduled clean-up, it would also be best to avoid purchasing a property in these areas.


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