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Moving Day Checklist

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There always seems to be an endless number of things to plan for before moving into your dream home. Here’s a handy checklist for an easy and stress-free preparation:

1 month- 2 weeks before the move:

  1. Sort through your personal belongings and get rid of things that you wont be taking with you. List items of value on craigslist or kijiji- you might make some extra cash to help you with the moving fees. If you’re feeling adventurous, host a yard sale to sell some of your items yourself For what’s left, consider contacting local second-hand stores and charity organizations such as Salvation Army, who might be interested in picking up your unwanted appliances and furniture.
  2. Create a master list of tasks, such as booking piano movers, cancelling utilities and special storage needs.
  3. Send out change of address forms to magazines subscriptions, bank, phone supplier, and other correspondents. Fill out the change of address form at Canada Post to have all your mail forwarded to your new address.
    TIP: To save time, Moving Waldo is a company that will notify all your service providers of your new address at once!
  4. Notify your cable supplier, utilities, insurance company, and driving license of your new address.
  5. Plan to use up your food items, especially the frozen ones.
  6. Begin your research on moving companies to get estimates. Don’t forget that most companies are fully booked by the end of June, so it’s always better to contact them in advance!
  7. Start packing less used items, label them, and store them in a convenient location to avoid last minute panic with your movers.

A few days before the move:

  1. Keep records of all your moving expenses, some can be deducted on income taxes.
  2. If you live in a condo, try to book the freight elevator for moving day.
  3. Defrost your refrigerator and clean the oven.
  4. Make sure all repairs are finished as stipulated in your old contract.
  5. Arrange to have kids and pets spend moving day with a sitter.
  6. Continue packing- don’t forget to take inventory of your belongings as they’re packed, in case you need to file an insurance claim later.


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