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Where can I find off-market properties in Montreal, Quebec?

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Off-market properties and other privately sold listings have traditionally been the purview of the luxury real estate market as well as the commercial market. Properties over the 5 million mark are typically marketed on a word of mouth basis within a circle of well connected agents and investors, instead of being advertised publicly on MLS. In recent years the private listing market has expanded to include all ranks of residential real estate, as sellers tap into the the benefits of testing the market before making their homes accessible to the general public. Where can I find off-market properties in Montreal, Quebec?

But how do buyers break into the private-listing market? Here are a few places you can look to find properties for sale outside Quebec’s MLS system:

1. Join an investor’s membership program

Membership programs are not common in Quebec, but some investment groups and real estate companies do offer paid or limited access to private listing databases. Our own investor’s database is free, and all new members are qualified to protect the privacy of the associated sellers. We update our database daily with commercial and residential off-market listings ranging from smaller revenue properties such as triplexes, to large commercial investment opportunities such as strip-malls and hotels.

Read more about our investor’s membership program here >>

2. Ask your real estate broker to check within their internal network 

By nature of their profession brokers are well connected in a circle of sellers, investors, and other real estate professionals, and may have access to listings that are no longer available to the public because they have been removed from Centris. If you’re looking for a specific type of off-market listing, ask your broker to tap into his or her internal network, you might be surprised by how easy it is to find a match!

3. Browse your local FSBO websites

Properties that are listed for sale without the help of a real estate agent can be found on local “For Sale by Owner” websites. Although these properties are not on Centris, they are still publicly accessible by all buyers in Montreal and will not yield the exclusivity of a truly private listing.

4. Go door to door

If you have a specific property in mind, approaching the homeowner directly is always a possibility. Bear in mind that unsolicited offers are risky (not everyone would appreciate a knock on their door, and rightfully so!) and should always be conducted using the right etiquette, using a licensed real estate professional as an intermediary. Where can I find off-market properties in Montreal, Quebec?



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