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Rosemont: A Lively and Affordable Montreal Borough

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An Introduction to Rosemont

On the East-end of the Greater Montreal Area, between Little Italy and the Olympic stadium, is a neighbourhood that has gained much popularity in recent years. Rosemont is an affordable residential borough with large green spaces, community-minded residents, and a choice of new and old homes in a variety of architectural styles. Strolling through this neighbourhood, you can expect to find several parks, outdoor swimming pools, libraries, community gardens and public spaces. While Rosemont is a primarily residential area, it also offers lively commercial streets such as St Hubert Plaza and Promenade Masson.

Things to do and see in Rosemont

Here are some local landmarks and activities enjoyed by residents of Rosemont

  • Shopping at St Hubert Plaza
  • Spend a day at the Montreal Biodome and Botanical Gardens
  • Purchase local produce at the Jean Talon Market
  • Iceskating at Maisonneuve Park in the winter
  • Outdoors farmers markets in the summer
Image Source: Expedia

Accessibility and Surroundings

Although Rosemont is a relatively car dependent neighbourhood, some parts are accessible by metro and most are accessible by bus.

  • Municipality: VilleMarie
  • Neighbouring: Villeray, Hochelaga, St Leonard and Anjou.
  • Closest metro stop: Rosemont, Pie X, Jean Talon, Joliette
  • Fitness centres: Outdoor sports in the parks, Energie Cardio, Locomotion Studio
  • Schools: Rosemont High School, Nesbitt Elementary, Vincent Massey Collegiate

 Local Demographics 

Rosemont is populated by long term residents as well as couples, and families with young children.

  • Population: 134,000
  • Median age: 38.1
  • Spoken language: 53% bilingual, 42.7% French only, 1.9% English only
  • University degree: 36.4%
  • Top Industry: Sales (22%)
  • Average family income: $51,766
Image Source: Ville de Montreal

Housing Statistics

Rosemont offers small buildings, detached homes, bungalows, duplexes, and modern condo units.

  • Median condo price: $290,000
  • Owner occupied: 24.5%
  • Tenant occupied: 75.5%
  • Small buildings: 19.1%
  • Large buildings (incl. condos): 75%
  • Duplexes: 4%
  • Townhouses: 3.1%
  • Single Family Homes: 1.6%

Recommended Residential Streets 

  • Rue Saint Zotique, Rue Jean Talon

Statistics source: Ville de Montreal, Centris. 

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