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The Essential Guide To Selling A Home

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1. Keep an eye on the market. 

For most buyers, price is the key determining factor which will ultimately attract visitors to your property. Too many owners succumb to the sunk-cost fallacy and simply add a margin to their purchase price instead of researching the unit’s actual value. Instead, your asking price should be based on current and fair market value, attained by a comparative market analysis. This takes into account a variety of factors, such as amenities, floor level, siding and square footage. Don’t be shy to ask for professional advice. Most brokers offer free property evaluations, and they’ll be able to tell you whether you’re under or over-valuing your property.  Contact us if you need a free evaluation. 

Make sure you’re well aware of all the legal terms and clauses that might come into play during the negotiation phase of your sale. Here’s a list of real estate terminology you might want to get acquainted with.

2. Hire a photographer.  

First impressions count. Make sure the pictures you use to introduce your home to potential buyers are ones that are eye-catching, sharp, and well executed. 

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Common amateur mistakes involve un-dusted counters in kitchen shots, jarring light contrasts and awkward angles that make rooms look smaller than they really are. The increased traffic to your unit will be worth the extra expense you put towards a professional photography shoot. You could also try out some other creative ways of showcasing your home, like we do with our units. 

3. Home-show like a pro.

When welcoming potential buyers into your home, make them feel as comfortable as possible. Don’t pressure them or rush them through the visit, and dont let them feel like they’e intruding into your private family sphere. 

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Adjust the lighting, temperature and scent of the unit. The rooms should be well lit, warm and cheery- turn on all the lights and open all blinds before the visitor arrives to show the property’s maximum lighting capacity. Air-freshen the bathrooms and air out the rooms beforehand. If the home is being lived in make sure the kitchen is clean and fresh-smelling. 

Lastly, make sure the rooms are as tidy and as neutral as possible in terms of personal decorations. Keep the decor simple and clean after you decide to sell. Light-colored wall paint and modern, minimalistic furniture tend to work the best on the housing market.

4. Branch out.  

Join locally relevant real estate groups on Facebook and get the word out.. through sharing and reposts your unit might reach the eyes and ears of an interested potential buyer. Instagram and Pinterest are also good ways to share images, just make sure the postings are tagged correctly and contain clear information about how to contact you should interest be generated. 

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5. Consider using a broker.

Before making the big decision about whether or not to use a broker, take a moment to consider how much of your own time will be spent towards staging visits, open houses, and answering calls/emails. Have a look at what a broker will do to sell your home, and evaluate whether you will personally have the time to take on these specific tasks.

If you do end up choosing to work on your own, feel free to contact us anyway for advice or an evaluation!

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