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Is Your Home Ready for the Spring Market?

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As many homeowners choose to sell their homes in the summer, spring is an ideal time to tidy up, renovate and prepare your property for open houses and showings. Follow this checklist to make sure your home is 100% market-ready by the time the sunshine and “For Sale” signs come out.

1. Check the Foundations.

If your home is an older one, consider booking an inspection. This will prevent hitches further along the road.

  • Check that the electrical circuits are functioning and secure
  • Inspect the walls and beams for decay or damage
  • Inspect the wooden flooring for decay
  • Make sure that all smoke and burglar alarms are functional
  • Check that the plumbing fixtures are secure
Is Your Home Ready for the Spring Market?
Is Your Home Ready for the Spring Market? | Check that all your lighting and plumbing systems are functional

2. Repaint the interiors.

A paint job is the easiest and cheapest way of maximizing on your home’s value:

  • Ideally, all rooms should be toned down and painted white or a neutral color.
  • Have leaks repaired & watermarks covered
  • Repaint faded, worn or stained interior walls
  • Make sure that cracks in ceiling/walls are repaired
  • Repaint the window frames to cover any stains.Related: Which Renovations are Worth It? 
Is Your Home Ready for the Spring Market?
Light greys, white and creams tend to have the best result on the mass market. | Is Your Home Ready for the Spring Market?


3. Check the carpet and flooring:

  • If you own pets, hire a professional to deodorize carpets and rid them of hair.
  • Stretch and tack down any loose or curling carpet.
  • If you decide to replace a linoleum floor, choose a neutral color that will have wide appeal
  • If your home has hardwood floors with room-size rugs, get the hardwood into its best condition with fresh non-slip floor polish or other coating to make it shimmer.
  • Mop and vacuum floors.Related: What Buyers Want: Understanding Your Consumer
Is Your Home Ready for the Spring Market?
Polish the floors and clean the rugs…it makes a difference! | Is Your Home Ready for the Spring Market?

4. Kitchen and Bathrooms:

  •  Check that the toilets are functional and stain free.
  • Make sure appliances are cleaned , operating and have proper documentation such as warranties and repair information
  • Re-touch or repaint kitchens and bathrooms if the paint quality is poor, re-tile if needed.
  • Repair damaged countertops, sinks or tubs
  • Re-caulk damaged caulk on shower, sinks, tub or toilet
  • Paint, touch-up or refinish kitchen cabinetry
  • Tighten or replace loose doorknobs or cabinet pulls, sticking doors and drawers and wobbly hinges
  • Replace the toilet seat
  • Check for mildew stains and grout around tile and tub areas
Is Your Home Ready for the Spring Market?
Make sure your bathroom is clean and fresh looking! | Is Your Home Ready for the Spring Market?

5. Increase your Curb Appeal:

  • If your property is a house, trim your lawn and prune the trees in your yard
  • If it’s a condo, make sure the door frame is intact and the welcome mat is clean and undamaged.
  • Consider re-painting or re-staining a deck if the wood is worn out
  • Repair damaged, rusty or bent fence; paint or stain if necessary
  • If you have a patio or balcony, make sure that it is also free of debris and that there are no signs of tear or worn material.Related: Boost Your Curb Appeal
Is Your Home Ready for the Spring Market?
Do what you can to make sure the outside of your home is just as appealing as the inside! | Is Your Home Ready for the Spring Market?

6. De-Clutter and Stage:

  • If you are selling furnished, opt for neutral colored designs and replace any damaged furniture.
  • Add more lights if your unit does not have ample natural lighting
  • Declutter the entryway; it creates the buyers’ first interior impression of your home
  • Appliances should be cleaned – inside and out
  • Clean all curtains, windowsills, drapes and blinds
  • Empty trash cans, recycling bins and ash trays
  • Ensure all doors, cabinets and drawers can open completely without squeaking and without any blockage
  • Air-freshen the rooms.
  • Remove all personal items such as photo frames, clothes, and bags.
  • Place unused toiletries in the bathrooms.
  • Organize bookshelves and entertainment units neatly
  • Keep stairways and corridors clear and clutter-free
  • Make bathrooms sparkle; sinks, toilets and tubs should be immaculate
  • Place new, clean towels in the bathrooms
  • Organize closets
  • Remove any clutter or appliances from kitchen counters
  • Make the beds with new, light or neutral coloured linens and pillows
  • Clean the entryway carefully; it creates the buyers first interior impression of your homeRelated: Staging for a Quick Sale
Is Your Home Ready for the Spring Market?
Remember, light linens make a bedroom look peaceful and spacious. | Is Your Home Ready for the Spring Market?

5. Maintain Regular Checkups

  • Dust the counters weekly
  • Fluff the pillows and remake the bed
  • Open windows to air out the rooms
  • Empty trash
  • Vacuum rugs
  • Place new, clean towels in the bathrooms
  • Dust the AC vents
  • Clean any screens, window frames and windows panes
Is Your Home Ready for the Spring Market?
Are your surfaces squeaky clean? | Is Your Home Ready for the Spring Market?


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