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Top 3 Montreal Neighbourhoods for First Time Buyers

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When shopping for their first home, buyers generally look for 3 key criteria: affordability (options under $350,000), proximity to public transport, and neighbourhoods with appealing surrounding amenities such as restaurants, fresh produce markets and parks. We’ve narrowed down Montreal’s residential areas to the top 3 options for first time buyers and young families, based on these criteria.

1. Rosemont: The Little (and much cheaper) Plateau

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Rosemont offers many of the same benefits as the Plateau or Little Italy – quaint restaurants, speciality stores, local markets and remarkable architecture, but for a fraction of the price. Many young buyers seek out the reasonable but cost-effective quality of life it offers – as well as the proximity to Jean Talon market. The most popular parts of Rosemont are spread around Jean-Talon, Beaubien and Rosemont metro stations, where a 2 bedroom condo can easily be purchased for under $300,000.

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2. Verdun – A green and accessible family neighbourhood

Verdun is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Canada, located along the St Lawerence river and peppered with parks, biking trails, and public green spaces. It’s a highly residential area; young families can benefit from its many restaurants, supermarkets, medical centres, concert halls and sports fields while also having convenient access to a range of outdoor activities. While being a stone’s throw away from the Downtown core (a 5 minute drive or a 15-20 minute metro ride) it offers considerably more affordable options when it comes to its real estate. You can purchase a decent 2 bedroom condo for $250,000 – $275,000, gaining much more in square footage than you would in the city centre.

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3. Pointe Sainte Charles- Montreal’s most underestimated neighbourhood


Anyone taking an amble through its quiet and tree-lined streets of Pointe Sainte Charles would fall in love with this quaint neighbourhood. The Pointe is a wonderfully community-centred neighbourhood where you can expect to quickly befriend your neighbours and get involved in the community activities throughout the summer – from local vegetable markets and community gardens to charity initiatives and sports events. Its large and well-maintained parks would appeal to young families and to those who enjoy spending time outdoors. Like Rosemont and Verdun, homes in Pointe St Charles are available for prices that would complement a first time buyer’s budget. Request a selection of Top 10 Condos in the Point under $300,000 here. 


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