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Top Interior Design Trends for 2017

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If you’re planning on staging your home for sale or rent in 2017, you’ll want your choice of decor to reflect the tastes of the times. Here are some trends forecasted by interior designers for the upcoming year, based on user behaviour analytics and interviews with industry leaders.

1. The farmhouse aesthetic

According to Pinterest’s ‘100 Most Pinned Looks’, the farmhouse style is 2017’s new shabby-chic.

2. Indoor vines

Greenery is the easiest way to freshen up any living space, and the maintenance indoor vine is the plant-of-choice for this upcoming year.


3. Navy is the new black

Navy home decor soared in popularity by 80% at the end of 2016, according to Pinterest’s data analysis.


4. Anything “Hygge”

Hygge, roughly translating to “coziness,” is the Danish obsession with inspiring feelings of comfort, contentment, warmth and wellbeing. According to BBC and the New Yorker the hygge trend will catch on globally in 2017, not only in the winter months but year around. Knitted fabrics, soft textures, and sensually pleasing arrangements are key to the hygge aesthetic.

5. Terracotta

If your floor tiles are looking outdated, consider replacing them with a splash of terracotta. According to Domain magazine, matte and warm-toned tiles like terracotta are outpacing cool-toned tiles in popularity.

6. Shades of green

“Greenery” was named the 2017 Pantone Color of the Year, representing refreshment, revitalization, and rebirth. An optimism we’ll all be needing in the current political and social environment, Pantone concludes.


7. Artisanal decor

Craftmanship and “slow-fashion” is making its return to the design scene, after an era of focus on DIY. Expect to see an upsurge of intricate woodwork, porcelain and glass-blown items decorating homes in 2017.

Studio Oliver Gustav
Studio Oliver Gustav

8. Escapism

As our lives are increasingly spent online, homes with tech-free nooks designed through architecture or decor will gain in popularity. These quiet-spaces aim to create havens tranquility, using relaxed furniture, expanded window ledges and floor cushions.

Photo: Tower House by Andrew Maynard Architects shot by Peter Bennetts


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