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Should You Work With a Broker to Sell Your Home?

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You have two options when selling a home: working with a real estate broker, or attempting to sell on your own. While you may save on commission by going solo, real estate transactions are very complicated and will consume a lot of time, energy, and possibly money as well. Between the evaluations, real estate photography, coordinating visits, filling out legal documents and communicating with buying agents, selling a property can quickly become overwhelming to an inexperienced seller.

Here are a few ways in which working with a real estate broker will benefit you:

  1. Real estate brokers will provide you with a comparative market analysis, which will help you price your home according to market value.
  2. Real estate professionals possess the market knowledge required to create a sales plan for your property
  3. You will benefit from the broker’s internal network, as well as their marketing channels.
  4. Real estate brokers have the necessary skills to navigate through the legal steps of the transaction – such as negotiating on price, drafting offers, and preparing the paperwork for the act of sale.
  5.  Owners gain visibility by listing their home on Centris; Quebec’s MLS.
  6. Brokers handle each step of the sales process, from coordinating visits and negotiating offers, to the final act of sale.
  7. Sellers save time by freeing themselves of the tasks executed by a real estate broker, as well as maintaining their peace of mind.


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