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Average Rental Prices Per Canadian City: January 2019

Padmapper's latest survey compares rental costs across major Canadian cities.

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Montreal has always been known for its cheap rents, but a recent survey from Padmapper indicates that might be changing.

TL;DR: Rents are increasing in the majority of Canadian cities. The current average rent in Montreal is $1500 for 1 bedroom and 1,780 for 2 bedrooms.

Rents increased by double digits in 2018 for 17 out of 24 Canadian cities, with some of the country’s most affordable rental markets seeing the largest hikes.

Overall, rental prices rose in 8 Canadian cities, decreased in 7, and remained flat in 9.

The majority of rental markets (17/24) saw double digit growth rates between 1 and two bedroom markets.

5 Most Expensive Markets

  1.  Toronto, ON – Price growth remained flat for one and two bedroom rents, at $2,260 and $2,850, respectively.
  2. Vancouver, BC – One bedroom properties increased 1.4% to $2,130, while two bedrooms grew 2.5% to $3,230.
  3. Burnaby, BC – One bedroom rents remained flat at $1,570 and two bedroom rents grew 1.3% to $2,290.
  4. Montréal, QC – One bedroom rents grew 3.4% to $1,500, while two bedrooms stayed stable at $1,780.
  5. Victoria, BC – One bedroom rents jumped 3.1% to $1,350, while two bedrooms dropped 2.8% to $1,400.

Cities with the fastest growing rental rates

  • St. Catharines, ON
  • London, ON
  • Kitchener, ON

Cities with the biggest decline in rental rates

  • Halifax, NS
  • Regina, SK
  • Edmonton, AB


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