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Montreal Ranked #6 Best City Worldwide

Montreal and Toronto were the only Canadian cities featured on the list.

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TimeOut Magazine recently published a ranking of the best cities in the world.

Montreal was voted 6th best city worldwide for 2019, following New York, Melbourne, Chicago, London and LA. The only other Canadian city to feature on the list was Toronto, which came in 23rd place.

For their methodology, TimeOut surveyed 34,000 residents living in different countries around the world, as well as polling their own editors. Respondents provided city rankings on eating, drinking, culture, nightlife, relationships, community, local neighbourhoods, and overall happiness. 

Montreal is described as “a top destination for letting your freak flag fly. Montreal is one of the best cities in the world to just be yourself – and the vast majority of Montrealers are steadfast in their pride for the city’s diversity, dynamism and creativity. Combine its status as a cultural hub full of self-expression with being the second most affordable city on the planet (with the second shortest working hours), and it’s no wonder that 79 percent of locals report feeling happy.”

New York topped the list for its diverse and accepting vibes, Melbourne had more live music venues per resident than any other city on Earth, and Chicago takes the cake when it comes to food and drink.

As for Toronto, TimeOut writes: “From first glance, sprawling Toronto may seem like any other concrete jungle whose bustling inhabitants pass without a smile. But don’t be fooled by our stoic façades: we’re happier and friendlier than the global average (despite the awful performance of the TTC public transit system). Visitors willing to take a closer look will find Canada’s biggest city has the world’s fourth most diverse cultural make-up and an ever-evolving culinary scene, which two thirds of Torontonians rate as amazing.”

Montreal also recently ranked #1 best Canadian city for millennials, while Canada ranked #1 worldwide for best quality of life.


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