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Montreal Mayor Cracks Down on Negligent Landlords

Mayor Valérie Plante's 4 point plan imposes more regulation on Montreal landlords.

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Just a few days before Montreal’s July 1st moving day, Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante revealed her administration’s plans to further regulate the relationship between tenants and landlords.

In many older buildings with cheap rents, high maintenance costs and ever-increasing property taxes, there is little incentive for landlords to address complaints from their tenants.

Valérie Plante aims to regulate such negligence, with a policy that holds landlords more accountable to their tenants. Among other measures, the four-point plan will make a landlord’s past offences publicly available to future tenants.

Plante’s plan includes:

  • tripling the number of inspections on rental units over the next 4 years, to 31,200.
  • issuing strict fines to landlords for housing infractions.
  • creating a website where tenants can access information on their landlord and building.
  • making fumigation reports public.

Until now, the city has had to build a case against the landlord before issuing a fine. Plante’s plan proposes that the landlord be immediately fined for housing related infractions, based solely on reports from the tenants.

The fines will also go up under the proposed plan, from $15,000 for individual owners to $20,000 for real estate rental companies.

The the fines do not compel the landlord to make the necessary repairs, the city will have the power to execute the repairs themselves, charging the costs back to the landlord.

Exterminators will now need to report fumigations (for bed bugs and other infestations) directly to the city. The data will be made public and searchable.

Finally, there is a plan to make previous landlord infractions public and accessible to prospective or future tenants.

Read more via CBC News.

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