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Montreal Is Calling For Proposals To Redevelop the Old Port’s Silo No. 5

The iconic building will be designed as a mixed use building with restaurants, boutiques and even a hotel.

Image source: Joanne Levesque, Wiki Commons
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Exciting news for anyone who has strolled past the Old Port’s sprawling silo and daydreamed about how that space could be put to good use.

After 25 years of lying in disuse, Montreal city representatives are now in talks of redeveloping the monolithic structure into a new “neighborhood.” The area is projected to become a hub of mixed-use activity, including boutiques, tourist attractions, office spaces, residential homes and hotels, green spaces and a public spaces. The Silo is composed of of three separate buildings connected together by bridges, which makes up half of Pointe-du-Moulin.

The site is currently owned by Canada LandsCorporation, who is currently crowdsourcing the public’s opinion on businesses and projects that would make a good fit. 

A call for proposals was sent out on the 1st of February, which announced the launch of a request for proposals process to revitalize the Pointe-du-Moulin and Silo 5 sector and transform it into an emblematic project for the city.

Canada Lands Corporation will receive proposals for the seven-hectare spot (750,000 square feet) which includes some nearby industrial buildings, over the next few months. A decision will be made by September regarding which group will be permitted to purchase real estate there and develop the site. Depending on the accepted proposal, the area could also be subject to a zoning change.

The evaluation state is set for about 7 months, after which construction could begin as early as 2021.

A specialized committee of urban planning and heritage protection experts will review the submitted proposals and help all involved partied come to a decision.

There have been many suggestions regarding the space in the past, including a contemporary art museum, but so far nothing has materialized as a financially sustainable project. The building presents several logistical and architectural challenges which would need to be addressed, for instance, the building’s lack of windows.

Let’s hope that this time a winning proposal will be put forward!

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  • Image: Joanne Levesque, Wiki Commons

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