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The Top 7 Garden Trends of 2018 – Garden Design Ideas

Inspiration for creating a beautiful outdoor living space this summer.

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Homeowners can gain many benefits from an attractive and well functioning garden design. A garden can be turned into an outside living space which will add value to your property. Just as the trends of home interior design are continually changing, gardens are not far behind as several new trends surface each year that can help you create your outdoor paradise. Here are a few garden trends that will get you digging in the dirt in 2018.

1. Creating Livable Outdoor Spaces

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Most gardens provide us with a simple green area outdoors where we can relax in the shade of the trees. However, the creation of a more usable outdoor space is becoming more popular. These garden structures may include lighting, heating, integrated drainage, outdoor kitchens and outside entertainment.

This is seen as the alfresco living which is especially significant if you lack the entertainment or cooking space inside your home. Imagine a garden that is designed so that you can entertain friends during the summer where you can gather around a sunken fire pit, BBQ or even a pizza oven. Who needs to stay indoors, when you have all that you need outside in the fresh air?

2. Uneven Garden Structures

Source: Society of Garden Designers


This year, asymmetrical schemes will be big in gardening. You can make your garden feel less structured through a natural indigenous stone structure. The plants can soften hard surfaces, and geometric lines as the edges will be less visible, giving the feeling that the garden an old, eroded feeling.

Textured paving blocks is a great way to bring a natural element to a small urban garden. These blocks and other handmade bricks give the feeling of irregularity and imperfections which fits perfectly with natural surrounding. End-grain oak blocks is another gardening trend that will be popular this year.

3. Ecological Gardens

Source: 2018 Lifestyle Design Garden Show


Gardens are without doubt the most eco-friendly part of your property, but this year, try to emphasize this characteristic even further. The primary goal of your garden should be to benefit the environment and attract wildlife overall. Instead of outsourcing plants and materials, try to make use of native plants and materials that can be found locally. Many beautiful perennial plants can be found locally in Canada that you can be used in your Canadian garden.

Add a food garden that allows you to produce and harvest food. This is a great way to be, and it helps to eliminate harmful greenhouse gasses that come with mass food production. Another gardening trend that is making a comeback is greenhouses, which can help you maintain beautiful fresh fruits and vegetables all through the year. If you think that your space is limited to a food garden, then you can plant foods that can grow vertically, like legumes, various beans, herbs, tomatoes, etc.

If you are ready for investing a little bit more into your property altogether, then you might want to consider a green roof. This does not only provide you with that extra green space, but green roofs also provide many benefits to the home, homeowner, and environment. An investment like this is sure to increase the value of your property.

4. Contrasting Materials and Colors

Source: Chelsea Garden Show 2018


Copper is a great material to add some sense of warmth to your plants, and it provides a contrast if it is featured against other materials like gravel, stone or wood. Copper effect stainless steels are great, but for that rustic feel, a naturally weathered patina will be the most popular option.

Furthermore, porcelain tiles with a wood-effect are also becoming more trendy in the garden this year. Wood-effect tiles can be used for flooring and cladding, and they come in a variety of patterns that can be hard-wearing, scratched, stained and heat-resistant.

Another great option is to use limestone in your garden, whereas harder-wearing mid-toned stones win over the brighter white versions. By mixing different types of rocks, it will reflect the colors and tones that come across your garden.

5. A Bold and Diverse Selection of Plants and Shrubs

Source: LG Eco-City Show Garden 2018


An excellent way to add color to your garden is through flowered plants. A purple-toned plant is hot this season, and they can range from anything that can be found in lush natural habitat and woodlands, including berry-like colors, redwood, eggshell blue and foliage green. Flowers like lavender, Tulips, Calibrachoa, rosemary, and Thai basil will look beautiful in clay pots. To complement your new plants even further you can always coat your wooden fence or furniture with eggshell blue paint.

Shrub is an excellent alternative to perennials and grasses. Shrubs can provide more structure to your garden while architectural plants will turn your modest garden into something more exotic. Architectural plants can range from sharp plants to plants that have a softer organic finish. Sabal minor and Chamaeropops humilis are good examples of trending architectural plants in 2018.

A little lower on the ground, you can incorporate low-level woodland plants which will work great especially in shaded areas. Anything from mosses, anemone, and tufted grasses will be big this season.

6. Japanese Inspired “Wabi-Sabi”

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For those who do not have the time to invest in their garden will be happy to hear that the Japanese way of accepting the natural cycle of growth and decay will be inspiring the way we maintain our gardens this year.

So, do not stress about overgrown perennials, stones that are being covered with moss, rusty gates that have seen better days and pots that have been damaged through weathering as this is all becoming part of a gardening trend. Enjoy the beauty of your garden and let nature do the work for you.

7. Healing Houseplants

Do not forget about incorporating plants inside your home as well. Even though having plants indoors has always been welcomed, this year the greener the better. Houseplants are not only there for aesthetic reasons, but also to purify your home. Many harmful toxins develop in our homes as we try to shield ourselves from the outside elements, but little do we know that by eliminating nature we do more harm. Many plants have purifying abilities, and they also help to control humidity, they can decrease sound pollution and help to reduce stress.

For example, the snake plant can help you sleep better when placed in your bedroom as they provide more oxygen at night which will support better breathing. Aloe Vera plants are used to keep in the kitchen as they can neutralize the benzene that is given of from detergents and plastics.

Having many plants inside your home is a great way to create a beautiful natural interior. There are many fun and creative ways to display plants throughout your home, using various colors, shapes, and textures. Planters that are hanging and plant murals have become very popular the last few years.

Final Inspiration

So there you have it, many exciting new garden trends are coming our way in 2018. While it is not very convenient or economical to completely redo your garden every year, many of these trends are of such that one can use them as added additions to your garden. If you have not done much in your garden area, then this might be a great year to start, and these designs will help you to create the relaxing ambiance you need for an enjoyable summer.


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