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A List of All The Urban Development Projects Planned For LaSalle: 2018-2024

LaSalle's city Council has just unveiled its Strategic Plan. Here's a summary of what it contains.

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The future is bright for Montreals LaSalle borough, according to the city’s 2018-2024 Strategic Plan unveiled on November 5th, 2018.

The plan is guided by five major orientations: innovation, accessibility, dynamic potential, sustainability, and waterfront features. These features are designed to address urban, social, cultural, environmental and economic needs of the borough.

Here’s a summary of the Borough’s commitments to urban planning, over the course of the next six years:

The five strategic orientations for 2018-2024 are as follows:

1.  Make LaSalle a mobile and innovative borough

Public transit:

  • Improve the bus network to better serve the industrial sector
  • Inclusion in the planning of future metro lines
  • Relocate the LaSalle station and Newman-Lafleur bus terminal


  • Develop a mobility hub at the André-Laurendeau cégep
  • Create a ferry shuttle project linking LaSalle to Old Montréal
  • Increase the number of parking spaces for self-service vehicles
  • Adding electric charging stations
  • Renovate bike paths and pedestrian walkways


  • Continue efforts to reduce the Borough’s gridlocked areas
  • Encourage the Borough’s connections to the downtown core

2. Make LaSalle more accessible and welcoming


  • Enhance available land for residential construction
  • Develop an inclusive strategy for Social and Affordable Housing
  • Develop the Angrignon West housing estate
  • Develop the LaSalle West residential complex (Lafleur / Newman)


  • Increase access to digital services
  • Improve WiFi coverage in public places


  • Encourage corporate and institutional owners to maintain the cleanliness of their site
  • Continue improving cleanliness of the borough.


  •  Improve pedestrian and cyclist safety
  • Increase the sense of security in the parks
  • Increase security in public event

3. Develop LaSalle’s dynamic potential


  • Develop a “cultural district” with a master plan beginning in 2019
  • Build a new cultural and community building
  • Build and inaugurate the new L’Octogone library
  • Plan a dynamic urban core around the library


  • Develop entertainment and recreational services at the Parc des Rapides
  • Build a service centre in the Parc des Rapides


  • Develop a distinct industrial identity for St. Patrick Street
  • Promote the quality of supply on commercial arteries
  • Designing the Future Evolution of Newman Boulevard
  • Developing trade and enterprise functions in LaSalle West (Lafleur / Newman)
  • Revitalize Dollard Avenue, Airlie Street and Central Street

4. Create a greener, healthier and more sustainable environment

Greener Streets

  • Continue the effort to plant more greenery on LaSalle’s commercial arteries
  • Educate citizens, businesses and industries about of the importance of urban green spots.
  • Support Éco-quartier’s efforts to involve the neighborhood in sustainability
  • Enhance LaSalle’s aesthetics with more trees, flowers and greenery
  • Add new urban gardens
  • Prune all trees in the public domain


  • Propose activities and equipment that respect the principles of the Green Pact
  • Make LaSalle’s community events more eco-friendly

Community Development

  • Continue integrated urban revitalization Airlie-Bayne

5. Affirm our waterfront features


  • Develop a Shoreline Management Plan
  • Showcase local artists and artisans
  • Add new views of the river
  • Improve existing amenities and services
  • Add wellness, exercise and training equipment

Water Activities

  • Develop water activities on the Lachine Canal
  • Develop water access to Guy
  • Improve the services building at the marina
  • Make adjustments to allow for fishing activities

Historical Resources 

  • Highlight the historical aspects of the Lachine Canal, the Saint-Laurent river and the Aqueduct Canal
  • Design a historic route along the Lachine Canal
  • Develop a greener coastline
  • Create urban riverside agricultural spaces in partnership with local organizations

View the complete list (in French) on the Ville de Montreal website.

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