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Best And Worst Montreal Boroughs For Multiplex Investments

Montreal boroughs ranked according to multiplex appreciation rates over the past 4 quarters.

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Multiplexes are buildings that have been divided into two (duplex), three (triplex) or more separate units. They are typically purchased as rental investments.

We’ve ranked Montreal’s boroughs according to appreciation rates, to determine the safest areas for a duplex, triplex or multiplex purchase in 2018. Along with appreciation rates, “average selling time” is a good indicator of how hot a market it – a high appreciation rate combined with a low selling time points to the high demand / low supply conditions of a seller’s market.

All figures in this article are pulled from the latest Centris statistics over the last four quarters of 2017.

Montreal Island Averages – Revenue Properties

  • Average appreciation rate: 7%
  • Average price: $517,250
  • Average selling time (days): 70

Lowest Appreciation Rate: Lasalle

Although Lasalle’s single family homes performed extremely well in 2017, with an average appreciation of 9%, the duplex and multiplex market showed very little growth.

Average Appreciation Rates: Verdun and Nun’s Island

Verdun and Nun’s Island showed an appreciation rate on par with Montreal’s average rates, with prices growing at by 7% year over year. The average selling time was well below average at 54 days on market.

Excellent Appreciation Rates: Lachine and Saint Leonard

Lachine and Saint Leonard are two residential neighbourhoods performing particularly well when it comes to their duplex and multiplex markets. Of the two, Lachine is significantly more affordable with an average price of $385,500.

Highest Appreciation Area: Plateau

Popular amongst families, students and tourists alike, Montreal’s Plateau is home to beautiful duplexes in the classic Montreal style- with sweeping staircases, colourful windows and vivid rooftops. In the Plateau, the average revenue property costs $775,000 and takes 76 days to sell.

Area Appreciation Rate Average Price Average Selling Time (Days)
Plateau 16% $775,000 76
Lachine 12% $385,500 69
Saint Leonard 8% $603,750 70
Montreal Island Average 7% $517,250 77
Verdun / Nun’s Island 7% $547,500 54
Ahuntsic Cartierville 5% $540,000 72
RDP / PAT 5% $390,000 95
Rosemont / Petite Patrie 5% $568,000 62
Villeray / Park Ex 5% $475,000 77
Anjou 4% $485,000 67
South West 4% $470,000 80
HOMA 4% $450,000 77
Montreal North 4% $402,000 98
CDN / NDG 3% $615,000 77
Ville Saint Laurent 3% $555,000 96
Downtown 2% $531,000 107
Lasalle 1% $479,250 82


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