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Find a Community Garden in Your Montreal Borough

This week, NDG opened its summer season of community gardening. Here's a list of all the urban gardens in Montreal, per neighborhood or area.

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On Sunday, Notre Dame des Grace’s ‘Incredible Edibles,’ kicked off its summer season of community-led urban gardening.

The project allows residents to pick up freshly grown produce for free, or to participate in the gardening and harvesting process.

Along with providing healthy vegetables and herbs to local residents, public gardens are a great way of building community within urban neighborhoods. Learning about plants and farming techniques helps residents feel connected to each other, the land they occupy, and the food they consume.

The City of Montreal organizes and maintains community gardens in almost every borough. Here is a list of places you can go to participate in an urban gardening project:

You can also follow workshops and urban gardening courses in Montreal offered by UQAM’s AU/ LAB initiative.

Don’t see you neighbourhood community garden in this article? Let us know in the comments and we’ll add it to the list!

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