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Montreal Real Estate: Top Buyer’s Markets For Homes And Condominiums

Which Montreal neighborhoods still favour buyers?

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Montreal’s residential real estate is presently a seller’s market, characterized by a highly competitive buying atmosphere, above-average price growth, and diminished inventory. This is especially true in the single family home segment, where bidding wars are increasingly common and offers are more likely to be accepted above the original asking price.

TL;DR: Although prices are rising in most Montreal areas, not all neighborhoods are seller’s markets. We located six buyer’s markets on Montreal Island, with SNLR ratios of less than 40%.

However, not all areas in Montreal favour sellers, and not all seller’s markets are unaffordable for first time buyers. We crunched Centris data from the last quarter of 2018 to rank market conditions in various Montreal neighborhoods, based on their sales-to new-listing-ratios.

The following neighborhoods were classified as buyer’s markets in Q4 2018, according to their SNLR ratios:

Property Type Neighborhood SNLR Median Price
Single Family Homes
Ville Marie 13% $913,750
Ile Bizard 28% $445,250
Lasalle 30% $450,000
RDP/PAT 32% $176,250
Pointe Claire 34% $358,500
Pierrefonds-Roxboro 39% $237,500


*All statistics are based on Centris data for the fourth quarter of 2018

What is an SNLR ratio, and how does it determine market conditions?

Sales-to-New-Listings-Ratio (SNLR) is a common metric used to determine whether a real estate market is advantageous to sellers or buyers. It compares the number of new properties listed for sale with the number of homes sold within the same timeframe.2

The Canadian real estate association classifies a market with an SNLR of 0-39% as a buyer’s market. In this scenario inventory exceeds demand, which typically increases buyers’ bargaining power. Sellers in these markets may find that it takes longer to sell their property, and price growth is likely to stall or even decrease.

A market with an SNLR between 40%-60% is considered a balanced market.

A high SNLR over 60% is indicative of a seller’s market.

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