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Community Plans For Development of Montreal’s Lachine East

The Lachine Borough is crowdsourcing ideas on how to transform its industrial district, which spreads over 64 acres. Image: Villanova Project

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Last week, several hundred residents of Lachine including elected officials and homeowners participated in a public forum organized by the borough.

The forum dealt with the subject of the transformation of the “Lachine East” area; a former industrial district spread across 64 acres.

A series of conferences covered topics such as residential density, mobility, sustainable development, social housing and heritage. Residents were then invited to share their thoughts and ideas on shaping Lachine East’s future.

“We discuss the direction in which we want to go. We will have to make important decisions in the coming months to ensure that we are moving in this direction. We must take action, we must make a detailed plan of the sector, “said the mayor of Lachine, Maja Vodanovic.

What was discussed? 

Once the public had been informed about the issues and planning carried out by elected officials, including development perspectives, the forum’s participants created models during workshops led by speakers from local organizations. 

“Citizens seek to understand, to get involved, to be part of the project. They want a place to live, but that’s meaningful to them, “said lead designer Mobius4, Kim Gallup.

Image Source: Lachine and Dorval Messenger

Residents were invited to draft their proposals for plans to revive the area of ​​Lachine East, bounded by 6th Avenue to the west, the Lachine Canal to the south, the embankment to the east and Victoria Street to the North

Lachine’s participants cited transportation, schools, shops and sports facilities as their primary needs. A cinema, small cafe, and local shops were also mentioned.


The collective brainstorming led to several friendly debates between citizens, policy makers and homeowners, as they imagined different uses for the public space around them. 

Issues and Concerns

Several residents raised concerns about the creation 4,800 residential addresses in this sector.

“With the construction already started, there is dust and a flow of traffic. I do not even dare to imagine when there will be other buildings and new residents. It will require alternative transportation to open up the sector, “says Sébastien Kuczynski, who lives on Avenue George-V, near the former Jenkins factory.

The VillaNova real estate project is the first in the development of Lachine East with the construction of townhouses and duplexes. The promoters announced the launch for the second phase last week, which will include three 10-storey towers with 177 condos.

Although zoning authorizes the construction of residential units, it does not allow for educational faculties or businesses.

“We want to look at this zoning bylaw, because it needs to be refined. There is no grocery store, no school, so it needs to be redone, but it takes a lot of work and we have to know where we are going, how we want to do it. The forum is a start,” said the mayor during the Q&A period of the borough council meeting last Monday.

During the election campaign, Projet Montréal committed to building schools, parks, daycares, a community and sports center and large family housing units in Lachine East.

The citations in this articles are translated from the Lachine and Dorval Messager, originally published in French.

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