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Gridlock and Potholes: A Map of the 10 Worst Roads in Quebec

CAA has published a list of the worst roads in Quebec, based on a provincial survey.

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Suburban neighbourhoods have their pleasures, but in some cases, commuting to and from work isn’t one of them.

CAA-Quebec has finally published the results of a four year survey, in which Quebec residents were asked to nominate the worst roads in the province.

Despite its reputation for potholes and construction fails, Montreal Island is home to only one of the ten worst roads in Quebec. Here’s a list of the others:


1. Boulevard Gouin East

  • Montreal

2. Traverse de Laval

  • Lac-Beauport (Capitale-Nationale)

3. Chemin Saint-Henri

  • Mascouche

4. Chemin de la Rivière-Châteauguay

  • Ormstown (Montérégie)

5. Route 389

  •  North Shore (Côte-Nord)

6. Avenue Marcel-Villeneuve

  • Laval

7. Route de la Rivière

  • Grande-Vallée (Gaspésie-Îles-de-la-Madeleine)

8. Chemin de la Réserve

  • Shawinigan (Mauricie)

9. Autoroute 30

  • Montérégie

10. Boulevard Saint-Joseph

  • Gatineau (Outaouais)



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