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Montreal Metro Blue Line To Get Five New Stops

The line will extend Eastward from St Michel Boulevard to Galeries d'Anjou Boulevard.

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Premier Philippe Couillard and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau held a conference in St-Léonard on Monday, in which it was announced that Montreal metro’s Blue Line would receive five new stops by 2026.

The pledge has put aside $365 million, which is budgeted towards the cost of expropriating buildings and other structures to build new metro stations and bus terminals. The funding also accounts for the cost of a business and technical plan, so that construction work may begin in 2020.The total cost of the operation is estimated at $3.9 billion.

The extension is predicted to transport 17,100 new users, which would result in 5,300 fewer private vehicles on the road.

“Unlike previous times the extension was announced, we have already put money aside and sent notices of expropriation to many homeowners and landowners,” Couillard said.

The Blue line is to be extended along Jean-Talon St., Eastwards past St Michel Boulevard.The new stations will be located at the intersections of Pie-IX Blvd., Viau Blvd., Lacordaire Blvd., Langelier Blvd. and Galeries D’Anjou. An underground pedestrian tunnel will also link the métro line to the Pie-IX bus rapid transit line. Real estate opportunities in this area are expected to thrive in coming years, as the project draws to completion.

Montreal Metro Blue Line To Get Five New Stops
Approximate locations of projected metro stations. Source: Mtl Blog, WilliamGamache


“It’s been years that the eastern portion of the city has been underserved in terms of existing public transit, especially considering that more and more people are choosing to live here,” said Trudeau in his announcement.

Meanwhile, Mayor Valérie Plante is still pushing for the new Pink line which attempts to celebrate more women in Montreal’s urban design, while the PQ is in favor of a bus and tram network connecting the Eastern and Western points of Montreal Island.

It is to be expected that access to improved transit networks such as the REM (light rail) project will boost property prices in surrounding residential areas. In a study by the QFREB on property value and proximity to public transportation it was estimated that property prices of single family homes within 1,500 meters of a new train line would jump 39.9%. Condos within the same distance could jump 19.1%.

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