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Montreal Promises to Preserve Green Space at Notman Gardens

After a 10 year long battle by Milton Park residents, the city plans to expropriate the historic Notman House's gardens.

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For over 10 years, residents of the Milton Park neighborhood in Montreal have fought to save the Notman garden, a green space behind the historic Notman house. This week, the city has announced its promise to expropriate and preserve the 1,000 square meter lot.

The garden behind the 175 year old Notman House, home of the famed photographer William Notman, provides a tranquil green oasis for the residents on the corner of Clark and Milton Streets. To their relief, the city has now vowed to prevent any development and keep this public space intact.

In earlier years the area was host to old ornamental gardens which lined the mansions on Sherbrooke street. Presently, the area contains very little green space, for which Notman Garden represents a refreshing contrast to the asphalt and concrete surrounding it.Several of the trees in the garden date back more than a century, including a threatened Canadian species called the Kentucky Coffee trees.

Saving the garden was one of Projet Montréal’s campaign promises.

Montreal Coun. Alex Norris was interviewed by CBC Montreal’s Daybreak Monday, in which he outlined the residents’ pleas to protect the land. He says the expropriation process has allowed the city to buy the property at market value, rather than at the request made by the series of its owners. Since expropriation is a long process, the timeline for developing the park has yet to be determined.


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