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Montreal Will Soon Have 3 New Beaches – Here’s Where They Will Be

An update on the upcoming beach projects planned for the Island of Montreal and surrounding areas.

Image Source: Montreal Metropolitan Community/Twitter
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Montreal is an island, so why are there so few beaches? Over the past few years, the city has promised to build more swimmable beaches, where Montreal residents can enjoy the shoreline during the summer months.

Here’s an update on where those beaches will be located, and how soon they’ll become accessible to Montreal residents:

Verdun Beach

Source: Ville de Montreal


Where: Verdun’s beach will be located behind the Verdun auditorium, between Hickson and de l’Église Sts.

When: Although the beach’s inauguration was planned for Montreal’s 375th birthday last summer, delays have postponed the launch to 2019. Swimming will be officially sanctioned next summer.

What: The $4.7-million project will supposedly include a sandy beach, a jetty to slow the currents, a sports zone, a mini-library a relaxation zone, and a nature park. “Being able to walk down and see all the different types of birds, see all the snakes and frogs and everything that exists here—you don’t want to destroy that by completely making an artificial environment,” Downey said in an interview with CTV.

Source: Ville de Montreal


The land has been graded with terraces, leading gradually down to the water. Kids will be able to slide down the hill, instead of using the stairs. Surrounding the beach, trees and lawns have been landscaped to create shady relaxation area, with hammocks, benches and picnic tables.


Plage de l’est

Source: MicroClimat


Where: Plage de l’Est is located at the eastern tip of the island, in the Bout-de-l’Île neighbourhood of Pointe-aux-Trembles.

When: According to Pointe-aux-Tremble’s mayor Chantal Rouleau, the borough is still waiting for environmental authorizations. Work cannot be done to the site from May to August due to concerns for spawning fish and nesting waterfowl. The land phase of the project is almost complete, and a chalet is set to officially open on July 5.  The full project does not have a definite completion date at the time being.

What: The shores will not include a sandy beach, but instead be covered by small pebbles. Swimming will be permitted – the water quality is already clean enough to swim in for at least 80% of the summer. An intensive program to improve sewer issues will slowly but surely improve that ratio. On the shore, the borough has planned for two volleyball courts, picnic tables, benches and footpaths.

The second phase of construction, planned for next year, contains  a waterpark for kids, a jetty, and a boardwalk looking out onto the St. Lawrence River.

Source: Microclimat

Tekakwitha Island Beach

Where: Tekakwitha beach is located in Kahnawake across the St Lawrence river from Lachine.The island is accessible from mainland Kahnawake by road via the Kahnawake Marina bridge.

When: According to Patrick Ragaz, environmental adviser and projects coordinator for KEPO, the project design is now complete. The Mohawk Council is currently in talks with the federal government about funding. Should the funding be secured, construction will begin next spring.

What: Plans to redesign the shorelines of Tekakwitha Island have been in the works for several years. The flow of water between Tekakwitha Island and Kahnawake mainland has gradually stagnated, causing an accumulation of sediment in Recreation Bay. Subsequent overpopulation of aquatic plants has prevented the bay from being used in traditional ways, such as fishing and paddling. Tekakwitha beach is part of a larger plan to make the shoreline more accessible to residents and visitors.

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