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Quebec Now Has A New Association of Real Estate Brokers

QPAREB brings together the Greater Montreal, Quebec City and Laurentides real estate boards.

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Quebec now has a new association board, The Quebec Professional Association of Real Estate Brokers (QPAREB,) which brings together more than 12,500 real estate brokers and agencies.

QPAREB’s press release indicates its vision to promote the brokerage industries in the Greater Montreal area – which is governed by the Greater Montreal Real Estate Board, Quebec City (CIQ) and Laurentides (CIL). 96% of real estate brokers voted in favour of a merger at last year’s general meetings.

The three presidents of the former real estate boards – Nathalie Bégin, Christiane St-Jean and Anouk Vidal  will all transfer over as acting co-presidents of QPAREB until the first annual general meeting of the new association in April.

“Our goal is to bring real estate brokers together in a new provincial association model that will become the only organization in Quebec dedicated to promoting our profession and defending and protecting our interests with government authorities,” said Christiane St-Jean, co-president of the QPAREB. “We can now speak with a united, credible and consistent voice to better address the issues facing our profession.”

The QPAREB headquarters are located in Quebec City while its administrative offices are in Montreal.

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