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Top Stories This Week – June 1, 2018

This week: Montreal Properties Selling Above The Asking Price, 13,000 Quebec Real Estate Brokers Mobilize For The Amendment Of Bill 141, and more...

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We know how easy it is for news to pass you by in the week, so we’ve put together a round-up of Montreal’s most important real estate stories from the past few days – and where to read more about them:

Montreal Real Estate: How Many Properties Sell Above The Asking Price?

According to the Quebec Federation of Real Estate Boards (QFREB), the number of sales completed over asking price has been increasing in all metropolitan areas in Quebec over the past year. Data on ‘months of inventory‘ showed the strongest relationship with selling price – in areas with the lowest number of months of inventory, more properties sold above their asking price.

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13,000 Quebec Real Estate Brokers Mobilize For The Amendment Of Bill 141

13,000 real estate brokers from Quebec’s Federation of Real Estate Board (QFREB) have mobilized against Bill 141, which outlines the responsibilities of a real estate broker operating within the province.

QFREB has concluded that the Minister of Finance must revise the Bill, and clarify in greater detail the professional requirements of real estate brokerage.

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Top Five Green Building Trends For 2018

While affordability and efficiency is still among the most important principles of real estate construction, the focus is slowly being shifted towards certain new green trends. 

It can be said that sustainability and the green factor have become or are very close to becoming the standard of building, and now, those principles are developing even further, branching out into new directions. 2018 will be marked by changes in these new and innovative green building trends.

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Which Montreal Areas Have Appreciated The Most In 20 Years?

CMHC data compares upward trends in residential land appreciation for different Montreal areas, in the past two decades.

Land price is affected by vacant land – the less vacant land present in an area, the more prices will have appreciated over time.

These land values represent the intersection of supply and demand, since the mid 1990’s.

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CMHC Releases Financial Report For First Quarter Of 2018

This week, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) released its first quarter report on the company’s financial performance and contributions to Canadian housing stability.

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